Start a workout (therapy session)

Starting a workout for patient is simple. You can use one of the predefined workout templates or build it from scratch. Please have a look at the pictures below, to see the process step by step using your therapist panel.

1. Select patient

While you are on your patients screen you need to select which patient you are currently going to work with. When you have the patient selected click 'Start workout' button in the 'ACTIONS' section.

2. Select patient station

Now you need to specify the patient station (computer) the patient will use to perform the workout. All the patient stations should be listed on your screen.

3. Select workout template

You can select one of the predefined workout templates or build the workout from scratch. Even when you decide to use predefined workout template in next step you can adjust all the parameters, control modes, durations, etc. so it will match perfectly your patient's needs.

4. Adjust the parameters

Here you can personalize the workout to meet the specific requirements of the patient. You can add or remove therapeutic tasks, change the session duration, change the movement patterns, parameters, etc.