Admin's login&password received. What now?

The VAST.Rehab journey starts with installation of Admin Panel. You can find the download link in your "Welcome to VAST.Rehab" email. Admin Panel is standard, desktop application for the Windows operating system. The installer will create a desktop shortcut that will let you start the Admin Panel. You need to login using the AdminLogin and AdminPassword provided in your "Welcome to VAST.Rehab" email.

1. Check your subscription

When you are logged in please make sure your subscription contains all the patient stations you have ordered. For each Patient Station - please make sure it contains all the modules you have ordered.

2. Create therapist accounts

The next step is to create therapists accounts. You need to create an account for each therapist who is going to use the system. When the account is created you can print a sheet containing TherapistLogin and TherapistPassword that will let him or her use the Therapist Panel and create their patients there.

3. Connect computers to one router

The Patient Stations and Therapist Panels communicate with each other in real time. Therapists can have real time preview of the statistics system collects for each patient. Therapists can also keep adjusting the gamified tasks' parameters while patients are exercising. In order to make the communication possible all the computers need to be connected to the same network (the same router) either by cable or by WIFI.

4. Install Patient Panels

The next step is installation of Patient Panels. You can find the Patient Panel download link in your "Welcome to VAST.Rehab" email. You are going to use the system in managed mode, so during the installation process you will need to choose "Institutional instance" option. After installation an icon is available on the desktop. When you start the Patient Panel for the first time you will need to select which Patient Panel Instance from your Subscription are you going to use on this PC. You'll need to provide your AdminLogin and AdminPassword - they can be found in your "Welcome to VAST.Rehab" email. After successful login a list of Patient Panel Instances from your Subscription will be displayed. Please select one instance and click "Assign". You will need to repeat this step for each Patient Station.

5. Local server (usually not needed)

In case you have ordered a more complex VAST.Rehab configuration you may need to install also the VAST.Rehab Local Server application. The Local Server is needed when your therapists are not allowed to have Internet Connection while working with patients or when you are using some of more specialized devices (e.g. stabilometric platforms, treadmills, etc.). If you aren't sure whether you need to install Local Server you can have a look at the dashboard screen of your Admin Panel.

The VAST.Rehab Local Server application can be downloaded using the links provided in your "Welcome to VAST.Rehab" email. You can install the Local Server on any computer connected to your router. However we recommend having a dedicated PC for this purpose with automatic backups writing data to 2 disks connected by RAID 1 (mirroring).

The VAST.Rehab Local Server is protected by USB Dongle Key. So you can easily switch the license to another computer - simply plug the USB Dongle Key to another PC and you can install the server application there.