Who We Are

Welcome to Brontes Processing, the company behind the VAST.Rehab system. Our journey began in 2006 when we were focused on delivering motion-based webcam games to the entertainment market. However, the market wasn't ready for such kind of games at that time. It's hard to believe, but webcams were not so easily found in people's homes back then.


Andrzej Czech, CEO of Brontes Processing in 2006 when VAST.Rehab logo was born

First pivot (the bigger one)

But, fate had other plans for us. We discovered that our games were being used by creative physiotherapists to help their patients keep motivated during therapy sessions. This led to our collaboration with Arie Burstin and Riki Brown, two open-minded physiotherapists who approached us with an idea to design a dedicated virtual reality system for rehabilitation. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the SeeMe Rehabilitation System, which was released in 2009. Arie and Riki remain our friends and valued advisors to this day, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for helping us embark on this journey.

Since 2008, we have focused 99% of our efforts on medical software development, leaving behind the entertainment market. The SeeMe Rehabilitation System underwent active development for several years. During this time, we collected feedback from doctors, physiotherapists, and patients to continually improve our system.

Second pivot (the smaller one)

In 2014, we started processing all the feedback we received while working on SeeMe, which led to the birth of the VAST.Rehab project. From the early stages, we planned VAST.Rehab to be a system that supports a wide range of devices, allowing one therapist to work with many patients simultaneously.

Since 2014, we have been working tirelessly every day to make VAST.Rehab the most powerful system to help therapists and patients work efficiently and make the most of each therapy session. We continuously add support for new devices, develop new therapeutic tasks and evaluations, extend the number of available movement patterns, collect new metrics to track patient progress, and much more.

The future

Despite the years passing by, our heads are still full of ideas waiting to be taken to life. At Brontes Processing, we are dedicated to improving the lives of those who need rehabilitation, and we are proud to continue this work every day. Thank you for choosing VAST.Rehab, and we look forward to helping you on your rehabilitation journey.