Software for physical and occupational therapists to create, track and optimize gamified therapy sessions for patients of all ages.

You can use it on your Windows, iOS or Android device.

Why VAST.Rehab?

VAST.Rehab is easy to learn and use, making it perfect for therapists looking for a convenient way to motivate their patients to participate in their rehabilitation process. VAST.Rehab has been successfully used in orthopedic and neurological therapy for both children and adults, as well as in falls prevention and active ageing programs.

Ready to Scale with Your Facility

The VAST.Rehab system allows you to embark on your rehabilitation journey without requiring a large investment in specialized medical equipment. All you need is a single PC with a webcam or even an iPad, making it a highly accessible and budget-friendly solution.

Effortless, Safe, and Compliant

VAST.Rehab boasts a vast, diverse, and inclusive exercise library, offering an array of therapy-focused games to keep your patients engaged and challenged. The easy-to-use platform ensures a safe and compliant environment for effective rehabilitation.

Expandable with Third-Party Devices

VAST.Rehab offers compatibility with a broad selection of third-party products, allowing therapists to seamlessly integrate various medical devices into their practice. By learning to use the system just once, therapists can efficiently work with patients using an array of different equipment.

How to motivate your patients?

Rehabilitation by Fun

Who said physical therapy has to be monotonous and boring? With the advancements in technology, the world of therapy has transformed, allowing patients to enjoy their journey to recovery. It's no secret that the more we enjoy a process, the more likely we are to commit to it, and rehabilitation is no exception.

Keeping the brain interested and motivated is essential for effective rehabilitation, and that's where play-based approaches come in. By incorporating fun, interactive elements into therapy sessions, patients can now look forward to each appointment, seeing it as an exciting experience rather than a tiresome chore.

The key to a successful physical therapy process lies in adherence. When patients are genuinely engaged and having fun, they're more likely to stick to their rehabilitation plan and even dedicate extra time to it. This consistent effort not only improves the overall experience but also yields better results and a more positive outlook on the road to recovery.

It's time to make therapy not just effective but enjoyable too!

Facility Types & Applications

VAST.Rehab is designed to meet the diverse needs of rehabilitation professionals across various settings. Our state-of-the-art system significantly enhances the effectiveness of therapy for a wide range of applications, providing targeted solutions for:

Rehabilitation Centers

Improve patient outcomes with personalized therapy sessions and immersive virtual environments.

Sports Medicine Clinics

Accelerate athlete recovery and performance with sport-specific VR environments and real-time analytics.

Neurorehabilitation Facilities

Facilitate brain injury and stroke recovery with targeted virtual exercises that stimulate cognitive and motor functions.

Geriatric Care Facilities

Support the unique needs of older adults with engaging, adaptive therapy sessions tailored to their abilities and goals.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Providers

Captivate young patients with child-friendly virtual experiences that make therapy fun and effective.

Orthopedic Clinics

Enhance post-surgery recovery and injury rehabilitation with customized virtual exercises that target specific muscle groups and joints.

Home Health Care Agencies

Expand your services and reach patients remotely with our tele-rehabilitation capabilities.

Advantages Tailored for Facility Owners

Benefits for Facility Owners

By implementing virtual reality therapy in your practice, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that enhance both patient care and business operations:

Enhanced Patient Engagement and Motivation

Keep patients motivated and engaged with immersive, game-like therapy experiences, resulting in higher therapy adherence and improved outcomes. Gamified therapy leverages the positive effects of mental health by tapping into the feeling of accomplishment and winning, which can boost motivation and self-esteem during the rehabilitation process.

Improved Patient Outcomes with Data-driven Insights

Leverage real-time analytics to make informed decisions, optimize patient care, and demonstrate the value of your services to patients and referral sources.

Time and Cost Savings through Streamlined Workflows

Simplify therapy planning, patient management, and remote sessions with our intuitive platform, reducing administrative burden and allowing you to focus on patient care.

Increased Clinic Competitiveness and Reputation

Stand out from the competition by offering innovative, cutting-edge virtual reality therapy options that attract new patients and retain existing clients.

Comprehensive Solution for Diverse Therapy Disciplines

Cater to patients across various rehabilitation specialties with a single, versatile system, expanding your practice's offerings and increasing your market reach.

Elevate Your Therapy Services

Key Features

VAST.Rehab combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design to deliver an unparalleled rehabilitation experience. Key features include:

Immersive Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Engage patients with realistic, customizable virtual environments that make therapy enjoyable and motivating, increasing adherence to treatment plans.

Customizable Environments and Exercises

Personalize virtual reality therapy sessions to suit each patient's unique needs and preferences, optimizing therapy outcomes.

Real-time Performance Tracking and Analytics

Monitor patient progress with data-driven insights, enabling targeted interventions and continuous improvement of therapy efficacy.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Tool

In certain situations, the VAST.Rehab system can serve as a virtual reality exposure therapy tool, providing immersive experiences to address specific phobias or anxiety-related concerns.

Seamless Integration with Existing Equipment

Easily incorporate virtual reality into your current practice without the need for costly upgrades or replacements. Our system is compatible with a wide range of existing hardware, simplifying the transition process.

Home Therapy

Connect licensed providers with patients remotely via a secure platform, ensuring they receive the care they need regardless of their location, and reducing barriers to treatment access.

Motor Functions Improved

VAST.Rehab supports the development and improvement of essential motor functions, such as:

Balance and Coordination

Enhance postural control and stability through targeted virtual reality exercises that challenge and develop dynamic balance.

Strength and Endurance

Build muscle strength and endurance with progressive resistance exercises tailored to each patient's ability and exercise goals.

Flexibility and Range of Motion

Increase joint mobility and flexibility through guided stretching and range-of-motion exercises in immersive virtual environments.

Mobility and Gait Training

Improve walking patterns and functional mobility with specialized virtual reality therapy that simulate real-world situations and provide immediate feedback.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Develop and refine fine and gross motor skills through engaging virtual reality exercises that challenge and improve hand-eye coordination and whole-body movement.

Cognitive Functions Improved

Our system also aids in the enhancement of crucial cognitive functions, including:

Memory and Recall

Strengthen memory and recall abilities with engaging virtual exercises that challenge patients to remember and reproduce sequences, patterns, or locations.

Attention and Focus

Improve patients' attention span and focus through interactive virtual tasks that require sustained concentration and selective attention.

Executive Functioning

Enhance decision-making, planning, and organization skills with virtual exercises that simulate complex, real-life situations.

Problem-solving and Decision-making

Foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities with virtual tasks that require patients to analyze and evaluate information, make decisions, and overcome obstacles.

Spatial Awareness and Navigation

Develop spatial orientation and navigation skills through the immersive experience of virtual environments that challenge patients to navigate and interact with their surroundings.

Comprehensive Rehab Choices

A Spectrum of Rehabilitation Solutions

At VAST.Rehab, we offer a diverse spectrum of rehabilitation solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various patient populations. By harnessing the power of virtual reality and gamification, our innovative approach to therapy engages and motivates patients while addressing their specific challenges. From neurorehabilitation and orthopedic recovery to pediatric therapy and cognitive rehabilitation, our comprehensive solutions cover a wide range of conditions, ensuring every patient receives the best possible care on their journey to recovery.


  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Traumatic Brain injury
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders

Our neurorehabilitation solutions help patients recover from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological disorders using immersive and engaging virtual reality exercises designed to stimulate neural pathways and promote recovery.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Musculoskeletal conditions

Our orthopedic rehabilitation solutions address post-surgical recovery and musculoskeletal conditions by focusing on functional exercises and strength-building activities tailored to each patient's needs.

Pediatric rehabilitation

  • Developmental delays
  • Sensory integration disorders

Our pediatric rehabilitation solutions offer engaging and age-appropriate VR exercises designed to help children with developmental delays and sensory integration disorders improve motor skills and cognitive function.

Balance and mobility training

  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Gait and posture correction

Our balance and mobility training solutions utilize VR based therapy to help patients with vestibular disorders and gait and posture issues regain stability and mobility in a safe and controlled environment.

Cognitive rehabilitation

  • Memory training
  • Divided attention training

Our cognitive rehabilitation solutions use VR environment to enhance memory and attention skills through targeted exercises designed to challenge and stimulate cognitive function.

VAST.Rehab and Mental Health

Uncovering the Hidden Benefits

VAST.Rehab, as a virtual reality-based rehabilitation system, can potentially have positive effects on mental health for patients undergoing physical or occupational therapy. Although the primary focus of VAST.Rehab is to address physical and cognitive impairments, the immersive environment and engaging nature of virtual reality can contribute to improved mental health in several ways:

Enhanced motivation:

By making therapy sessions more enjoyable and engaging through gamified exercises, VAST.Rehab can help improve patients' motivation to participate in their rehabilitation process, which may lead to better mental health outcomes.

Reduced stress and anxiety:

Virtual reality environments can also provide patients with a distraction from the physical discomfort or emotional distress associated with traditional therapy, helping to alleviate stress, depression and anxiety during rehabilitation sessions.

Increased self-efficacy:

As patients see their progress in real-time within the virtual environment, they may develop a greater sense of control and confidence in their ability to overcome challenges and achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Social interaction:

VAST.Rehab's tele-rehabilitation capabilities can enable remote therapy sessions, which can help patients maintain social connections with their therapists and potentially other patients, promoting a sense of belonging and support.

However, until further research, it is essential to note that VAST.Rehab is primarily designed for physical and occupational therapy and is not a standalone mental health treatment. While it may have some positive effects on mental health, it should be used in conjunction with appropriate mental health interventions and support when needed. Consulting a mental health professional is crucial for individuals experiencing emotional, behavioral, or psychological difficulties, as they can provide guidance, support, and treatment options tailored to each person's needs.

Which patients can I work with?

Patients' profiles

The system works for everyone from children 4 years old, through adolescents and adults to seniors. The patient can sit or stand.

VAST.Rehab purpose is to support functional therapy for patients who have lost the function of or have restricted function in their body or cognitive functions caused by cerebral, neurogenic, spinal, muscular or bone-related disorders. Taking into account the contraindications and every patient’s individual profile, the system can be used in the case of:

  • Cerebro Vascular Accidents
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Parkinson's Disease and Extrapyramidal Syndromes
  • Brain-tumor operations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Deconditioning - muscle weakness due to lack of mobility
  • Endoprosthesis for hip, knee, elbow, and shoulder joints
  • Following stable fractures of vertebra and/or extremities
  • Limb amputations with or without prosthesis
  • Balance and Equilibrium disturbances

While there’s no cure for some diseases, rehabilitation can help to improve function. Even small improvements can have a major life impact.

Virtual Reality Rehabilitation

Traditional Therapy supported by Virtual Reality

Virtual therapy is revolutionizing the rehabilitation landscape by bridging the gap between traditional rehabilitation and cutting-edge technology. Through immersive VR system, therapy sessions are transformed, enabling patients to interact with a virtual world that enhances their engagement and motivation. By integrating virtual therapy into your practice, you can elevate the effectiveness of conventional therapy sessions and provide a more dynamic and impactful experience for your patients.

Home Therapy Option for Patients

Taking Rehabilitation Beyond Clinic Walls

When physical contact isn't essential, patients can continue their VR training from the comfort of their own homes under your remote supervision. They engage in workout sessions prescribed by licensed therapist and receive detailed instructions to guarantee high quality care. Encouraging creativity in session planning is always welcome, as a creative therapist is often the best therapist.

Home Therapy feature can eliminate commute time and extra cost and provides additional value to both you and your patients, ensuring continuous care, improved outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. If a patient faces motivational challenges in completing their prescribed sessions at home, consulting a family therapist or mental health professional may be beneficial in addressing these issues and enhancing their engagement in therapy.

Technical problems?

Unlimited free support

All our customers benefit from free online chat and email support, provided by a knowledgeable support team. We're also building an online community and support forum where you can engage with other VAST.Rehab users.

Transform Your Rehabilitation Practice with VAST.Rehab

With over 10 years of experience in implementing software solutions for hospitals and physiotherapy centers of various sizes, VAST.Rehab is dedicated to understanding the specific needs of clinicians. By doing so, we ensure that we provide the optimal solution tailored to meet their requirements.

VAST.Rehab has already facilitated engaging and therapeutic experiences for thousands of individuals in diverse settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, community centers, and at home. Choose VAST.Rehab to empower your practice with a professional, efficient, and innovative approach to rehabilitation.


29 Countries & Growing


We are ISO 13485 certified


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VAST.Rehab is available in 7 languages


New Patient Onboarding: Under a Minute


72 Therapeutic Tasks & Growing


Data Security at the Forefront

Is your data secure? With VAST.Rehab, data security is a fundamental aspect and a driving force behind our decision-making process. Since 2012, we have held the ISO 13485 certification, which mandates that we continuously validate our security procedures' compliance with all formal requirements. Choose VAST.Rehab for a professional and reliable solution that places data security at its core.

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